Industrial Hygiene

At McDowell Safety & Health Services,
we thrive on helping our clients anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control
hazards in the work place.

The Right Path

Conducting Sound Survey

Anticipate & Recognize

Hazards may occur from a chemical, physical, or biological source, or could be the result of poor work practices. We partner with you to identify your industrial hygiene needs, create a plan with an implementation schedule to meet those needs and conduct the necessary surveys.

Evaluate & Control

Once the necessary surveys are complete, the data are evaluated to ensure you have an OSHA compliant program that protects your employees. We offer a full spectrum of Industrial Hygiene services that will help you stay in control of employee health in your workplace.

Conducting Sound Survey

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Compliance Assistance

McDowell Safety & Health Services offers the highest level of expertise in helping our clients protect their people and stay in compliance with OSHA, EPA, and other federal and state requirements.

Hazard Communication (HazCom) Process Safety Management (PSM)
Exposure Control Plan Spill Prevention & Response Plan
Silica Exposure Control

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Assessments & Evaluations

Employers may be unaware that hazards exist until they are met with an employee injury or illness, an accident, or even an OSHA citation. We examine the areas, where employee health and safety are concerned, to identify the specific hazards and set you on the right path to continued employee health!

Hazard Assessment Exposure Assessment (Chemical)
Air Quality/Air Contaminant Respiratory Protection
Ergonomic Evaluation Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Noise/Hearing Conservation

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Surveys and Monitoring

In order to detect possible hazards, our team of professionals are able to conduct surveys that provide comprehensive data. Upon completion, we provide you with a report of our findings and the appropriate corrective actions as regulatory requirements and/or recommendations.

Air Monitoring & Sampling Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Survey
Noise Exposure Monitoring Sound Level Survey
Fugitive Emissions Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM)

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