Mechanical Integrity & Compliance

At McDowell Safety & Health Services,
we specialize in helping you develop a mechanical integrity program
that will manage and protect your process equipment.

Protect & Comply

Running a BScope down the Line

An effective mechanical integrity program will help you avoid the potential for catastrophic consequences and financial loss by detecting problems with your process equipment well before they occur. Federal regulations require that process equipment be properly managed in an effort to prevent or reduce the consequences of accidental releases.

At McDowell Safety & Health Services, we know that your business depends on the reliability of your equipment. We have the proven ability and experience to develop an effective mechanical integrity program that will protect your equipment and assets and comply with OSHA and EPA standards.

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Robotic Inspections & Cleaning

ROV Tank Inspection

We specialize in Robotic Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology that is designed to perform inspections, non-destructive testing and cleaning while the containment remains full and in-service. Our approach is to perform a detailed ROV inspection to determine if additional services are required, such as sedimentation removal or repairs. The ROV also provides visual inspection of the inside of the tank (the sump, floor plates and the base shell) that is recorded and included with our report.

Online Video Inspections Online Robotic Cleaning Ultra-Sonic Thickness (UT) Inspections

Mechanical Integrity Program

A mechanical integrity program is setup to manage critical process equipment to make sure that every element is fit for service. Our team of API certified inspectors will inspect your pressure vessels, tanks and associated piping and provide a detailed report, expert consultation, and a customized plan of action.

Running a BScope down the Line

Visual Inspection

API Inspection

STI Inspection

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

We help you be certain that your equipment is reliable and safe with our services in non-destructive testing (NDT). Our experience and knowledge in NDT means that we can select the right techniques to detect any defects or irregularities in your equipment and provide expert consultation to help you make informed decisions to protect your assets.

Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Testing Dye Penetrant Mag Particle X-ray Fluorescence

Checking the Pressure on the Line


We provide the results of inspections in an easy to read format, detailing any deficiencies on the equipment, and providing recommendations for repairs or alterations to the equipment. A final report package includes all data gathered and the inspector's report with recommendations.

API Report Erosion-Corrosion Report (ECR) Final Report

Inspector Certifications

We employ inspectors with the following certifications:

  • API 510 - Pressure Vessels: In-service inspection, rating, repair and alteration
  • API 570 - Piping Systems: In-service inspection, rating, repair and alteration
  • API 653 - Tanks: Steel, Fiberglass and Polymer: Inspection, repair, alteration and reconstruction
  • STI SP001 - Steel Tank Institute Inspector
  • ASNT-SNTC-1A, Level I and Level II in UT, VT, PT and MT

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